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You will miss these moments.

For those who are parents, remember when you held your baby for the first time? Those chubby cheeks, little hands and tiny feet. The marvel of your own baby in your arms is a feeling unlike any other. Then, in the blink of an eye, those tiny moments belong to yesterday.

Calgary Newborn Photography Album

This is why baby photos are so important. As kids grow up, most do enjoy looking back at who they were as a baby. Looking at how loved they were as a baby can have great impact on their mental health. It also brings in better self confidence to themselves as well. I wish I could insert a link to a reputable resource to prove this theory - alas I'm coming up empty handed.

YYC Photographer Tamara J Photography
Baby Jhett at just 3 weeks old.

From my own parental experience, my daughters love to look back at their baby photos and hear all about the day they were born. It makes them so happy to see how cute and adorable they once were (still are in my biased opinion).

Speaking of looking back at baby photos, just look at Baby Jhett, isn't he adorable??

I remember his photo session very well. His Mom is by far the most patient person I know. I'm very thankful for how understanding she was on the day of his first session. On the day of his session, poor little Jhett had such a fussy tummy and couldn't settle for me. So I invited Jhett and his Mom to come back the next day. Normally I don't allow a return session, but in this case I had to. Well this next session was such a blessing. He snuggled in so nicely on my posing table (I think it was a giant bean bag at the time) and I was able to capture this adorable portrait along with many more!

Calgary Newborn Photography
Well hello cutie pie!!

Well, time marches on and babies grow into their own little person, especially this little guy right here. Jhett came for a visit when he turned one year old. Holy cow he was fast mover!! Taking photos of moving toddlers isn't easy as most parents will know. Of course you can occupy them with toys, props and food is especially a good one. Looking at his newborn portrait to his one year photos, it's amazing to see how this precious darling has the cutest face that melts my heart every time I see him. He even sat on my lap while his Mom picked out his photos - no stranger danger there!

YYC Photographer Tamara J Photography
This is the face that says "let me go play with your studio setup"!

Of course Jhett came in for birthday photos #2 - why not?

It was an easy setup with bricks, apples and a stool sized just for him. I chose apples simply because Jhett is simply the apple of his Mother's eye! Funny enough, I did have apples in both baskets in background, but Jhett felt it more appropriate to put all the apples in one basket. Already at the age of 2 he already has his organization skills in place - good work Jhett!

Just because you get one year portraits does not mean it's all over for photos.

Go for year #2 and #3 and so on! Should a sibling pop up along the way, we can include them too! Not every session will be glitter and rainbows as toddlers do have their own agenda but, I do try to make it fun for them with their favourite things. Whether they're crying or smiling or just plain grumpy, documenting their faces and seeing their reactions is priceless! When that picture goes to print, you share that moment with those who get to see those adorable facial expressions. By the time your baby reaches age 5 or even 10, you will have this amazing collection of professional portraits of how your kid has grown. You will astonish yourself with the progress.

If you'd like to share a story or add anything fun to this blog post, please comment below. I love to hear from those who read my blogs :)

I'd like to dedicate this blog post to Jhett's Mom as a way of thanks for allowing me to share Jhett's sweet face with all my TJP viewers!

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