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Photographer Convention

As a photographer, this is my favourite time of year!

The WPPI (wedding, portrait, photographers international) is a conference held in

Las Vegas, Nevada every February. It is my favourite time of year when it's 3 days of non-stop photography workshops, competitions and hands-on learning. This year was a very very special year. Expanding your networks at these events does wonders for your business, as you find resources and people from the industry who are willing to help you "clear the cobwebs" of your business and help you make it better. This year I got the chance to meet the most amazing people. Firstly I met my liege of newborn photography. Her name is Kelly Brown from and she's from Brisbane, Australia. Her work is so inspiring and her guidance is like any other! So for three days straight, it's a crash course of photography, then it's party at night - and repeat. I look forward to the next one! :)

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