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A Salute to Yesterday.

Well, it's been a very long time since I have sat myself down and wrote a BLOG.

And I mean, a VERY Long time! 8 months but I could do worse.

No time like the present to press the reset button and begin again.

2022 was a great year of great growth for Tamara J. Photography. At first, I took the first three months off of the year for personal reasons. Even if I wasn't in the studio, it meant I was learning new tools, practising in the studio with model calls until I got it right (still practising), and overcoming challenges that are new to me. It's all a part of owning a business - you never stop learning new things.

(plus the font of this blog I choose to make it bigger so I can actually see what I'm typing - I know, I need reading glasses - Hooray for growing old!)

Above all, my sweet tiny clients and their wonderful families have given me the privilege to capture their most precious moments!

Without further ado, please allow me to recap on Tamara J Photography's babies of yesteryear.

First - to all the babies that I photographed in private - you'll always have a spot in my heart.

Mr. Levi

When I planned his session, I had all sorts of setups planned and I spent so much time arranging them. On the day he arrived in studio - I took one look at him and decided to switch up all the sets. This also meant completely changing all of the setups I had planned - what a mess but it was worth it!

YYC Photographer Tamara J Photography


Baby #3 to his amazing Mom, and he was so good!! Lochlin was a gassy little fellow who loved to be awake. As long as he was wrapped up, he let me get away with almost everything. I don't think he liked posing on the table for me but I was still able to capture these sweet shots!

Calgary Newborn Photography

Mr. Fitz

Fitz's parents are professional rock climbers and when they asked me if they could bring some equipment for the session - I happily obliged! Fitz's Mom was climbing rock right up until the week he was born - now that's what I call excellent stamina and endurance!

When it comes to outside props - it brings my brain to a new creativity level and it's similar to working with the left side of your brain. I created a setup that thrilled his parents.

YYC Photographer Tamara J Photography

Miss. Chizara

Since the fall of 2021, I had newborn boys in the studio for months, non stop. Working with blues, greens, blacks, dark wood tones and greys -it gets mundane when your mind is craving colour.

When Miss. Chizara came the studio, it brought me such great joy to have a girl in the studio. Finally I can work with the pinks, peaches and cream, along with white to create a session so delicate and feminine just like Miss. Chizara!

(for those of you who are trying to pronounce her beautiful name - it sounds like Shih-zah-rah).

YYC Photographer Tamara J Photography

Watch out - here comes London!

Little London came to the studio weighing 13lbs.! (not so little)

But every roll, every curve, and every curl of her skin was as soft as butter.

It's not very often that I get to work with a baby who let's me achieve every pose I desire - as newborn photographers will refer to these babies as a "Unicorn baby". London is certainly that darling baby I will always hold dear to my heart!

YYC Photographer Tamara J Photography

Miss. Julianna

During the hot summer months of July and August - working in a hot studio (studio has to be at least 80 degrees to keep my tiny clients happy) is the last place you want to be. When darling Julianna arrived at her session, she came with a sweet surprise - a beautiful box of candy! Nothing makes me happier after a session than to sit down to big box of candy from @sugarcubeyyc and just savour every single bite - it was worth it!!

"Miss Jujube" prefers to be warm and comfy at all times and had absolutely no problems in telling me her preferences in comfort. She even told me herself when she was done with her session - and even to this day, she still looks like an absolute doll!!

Calgary Newborn Photography

Twins... now this is a rarity!

Let me tell you, it is a great privilege to have twins in the studio. Darling Sorcha and Saige were the most beautiful twins I have ever seen (and in my career I have assisted a handful of twin sessions). With twins, no two are exactly alike. One is always more laid back than the other, and this was a classic case of that. Darling Sorcha was very particular in her posing process, while her sweet sister Saige pretty much posed in whatever I placed her into. When they posed together, they just snuggled in and let the camera do it's thing. The sweetest pair I have ever seen!

Calgary Twin Newborn Photography


Miss. Alyssa

Just when I thought I had seen it all. I get this call from a previous client. My Client had their first baby early last year and he was such a darling! Now I learn that who was once my tiny client is now a Big Brother!! Be still my beating heart - for when families return to the studio with another baby, it is a great privilege to watch these families grow each and every time!

Sweet little Alyssa did not disappoint. She was an absolute angel!!

Calgary Newborn Photography


Mr. Miles

Now it's time to be careful about what I wish for. In late 2021/early 2022 I had boys for many months straight, and by spring 2022 I was wishing for girls - the heavens blessed me with even more girls. Low and behold, a very close friend of mine who I love and adore like a sister, is expecting baby #2. On November 1st, she had a beautiful baby boy - Tamara is a proud Auntie once again (I now have 6 nephews - 6!!).

Beautiful baby Miles... oh what a baby he is!

As a newborn photographer, we all have tricks up our sleeves to soothe ANY baby that's fussy, gassy, colic - we are prepared with anything.

Mr.Miles (my own nephew) came to Auntie's studio for his photo shoot.

YYC Photographer Tamara J Photography


I'm trying to think about how to put this mildly and not have repercussions.

Mr.Miles - poor thing was quite a colicky newborn. He fussed and cried so much, no matter what I did - nothing worked, not a single thing!

If there was one baby to make me question my skill sets as a newborn photographer - he was the one!

In the end - who won? I like to think I did, because I was able to capture every bit of cuteness in this darling boy!

I don't care how fussy he gets - Auntie Tam will always love him unconditionally!

Miss. Eiza

Just when I thought I had all boys at the end of my calendar year - Sweet little Eiza popped in for her newborn session. She was such a tiny little darling who was so sweet and petite in every way!

Calgary Newborn Photography

I had so much fun with her in studio and her Mom who is absolutely stunning, also had the chance to pose with her darling girl and this portrait is one of my most favourite pieces.

I'm glad I seized this opportunity to snap this stunning portrait!

Mom and Baby Photography

Mr. Eldon

Here's a twist to life. My best friend since Grade 5 became a Grandma! That word is not allowed to be in my language repertoire for many many years. This does not mean I'm an Auntie again - it means I'm a "Grantie". Grantie Tam, Grantie Tam... not sure if I'm ready for that title - after all the nephews I have - I prefer Auntie Tam.

Well Mr.Eldon is such a wonderful blessing to his family and with his sweet face - it's hard not to fall in love with all his cuteness! When your birth day falls around the Christmas season - you can bet I'll pull out all the holiday stops on every prop I can get my hands on. Sorry Eldon (not sorry), your Mom was hoping for a snowman theme and that snowman outfit fit you perfectly!!

Calgary Newborn Photography

How can I forget Baby Amelia?

Baby Amelia was 1 month old at her session. Her Grandmother wanted photos so badly, and of course I was happy to fit them in just before the holiday season.

Now if you've read my FAQ blog - you will learn how my newborn sessions revolve around babies that are less than 3 weeks old.

Even if Amelia is 1 month old, I thought, no problem - let's see what we can do. In the end it turned out just great!

She was such a little doll with such beautiful porcelain skin. Amelia cooperated wonderfully - even if it meant staying awake for most of her session.

YYC Photographer Tamara J Photography

One last baby of the year -



I was at a standstill for props and colours. Lately I have been at a standstill in this decision making process - call it photographers block. So I kept it simple. Just shades of winter white and tones of dark wood - perfect. His session was in the evening - and it was by far the most peaceful, relaxing session I have ever had. His Mom enjoyed it too as she got to sit back and relax and just soak up the moments. There was such a peace about this session that I couldn't have ended my year of newborn sessions any better.

YYC Photographer Tamara J Photography

This 2022 year was full of many surprises and wonderful moments I will never forget. As I proceed into the new year, I find myself slowing down my process in the studio, so I can enjoy each and every precious moment.

To all my 2022 newborns, may your smiles and affection bring joy to everyone who gets to cuddle and enjoy every bit of who you are.

2022 was a great year of great growth for Tamara J. Photography.

Farewell 2022, thanks for the memories.

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