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Hiatus Maximus

Welcome to my new website!

Tamara J. Photography has gone under tremendous a transformation in many directions, and more exciting changes are coming up. I do hope you gain some valuable information and enjoy your visit.

First I would like to thank all my loyal clients, friends and followers of TJP for their continued support as my studio was closed for the first 3 months of 2022.  

Mom holding a baby

2021 brought many changes to my life personally. While I kept "my nose to the grindstone", my mental health was taking a toll. I was working overtime, plus keeping up with the family and all the other items that shouted "Important" throughout my busy weeks. Underneath it all, I wasn't allowing myself to grieve.

The one thing that hit me most hardest was losing my Mom. My Mom passed away in July 2022. My Mom was THE BEST Mom and THE BEST Grandma. She was so loving and unconditionally understanding. Mom also sparkled everywhere she went, and she lit up a room with her beautiful smile and her incredible personality. When the grand babies started landing in her life, she was in her glory!! Mom LOVED her life and as a retiree every day was full of fun! From painting and lunches with friends to her annual trips to Hawaii for months on end. She was everyone's saving grace in more ways than one. My Mom is so sorely missed every day and every hour. As the days continue, I have had to learn to live without having my Mom at my beckon call. Now she’s on speed dial in my heart and in spirit. ❤️

One thing I learned is that you can't hide from grief. It comes like a wave and it washes you over and over, eventually subsiding so you can get back to your day. There were weeks where I would get these "waves of grief" every single day. By mid-March, it was a miracle if I could get through a day without tears. My Mom always said "Tears are beautiful and tears are healing" and she was right. I think we often power through or rush these grand emotions. To fight the tears, it only makes them come out even more. At some point you have to let them run their course, whether you like it or not. Eventually the days get brighter, the waves of grief become less and less. It never stops, but it will become more infrequent.

It's odd how your body goes into auto-pilot when you suffer from such a loss in your life. At the same time, these tender mercies are put into place to allow you to grieve, to learn how to cope and begin your own restoration process. At the time of Mom's passing, my husband was away at work, so my Sister, my Husband's parents and my neighbours stepped in to take care of my girls and I am forever in their debt for their help at my greatest time of need. After the dust settled, it was time to get back to life. I kept putting grief aside and placing my daily life and work first. The kids, the house cleaning, meals, and my studio work all needed care. I gave so much of myself without blinking an eye. It's what Mom's do. We give so much of ourselves, even when we are running empty.

To keep myself happy inside and out, I decided to take 3 months off from everything. That meant, closing the studio, the office, and even the household stuff I usually do. Kevin and the girls happily stepped up and made meals and learned to do their laundry. Meanwhile, I was studying and learning more about the "grey" areas of my business and implementing new and creative pricing modules for sessions and products.

I also enjoyed playing Animal Crossing!

Animal Crossing

Yes it sounds like work, but I did manage to spend a significant amount of time with the Nintendo switch - LOL! I enjoy my time in video games because my brain is able to escape from the daily realities, the grief and really focus on something that's entertaining and not so important - unless you're running a Mario kart race.

Of course my hiatus has come to a close and that means getting back to what I love - Photography!!

That's not all. Little did I mention about my trip to Hawaii!!

You can find out more about my tropical island adventure in my next blog.

Thanks for reading and I'll see you next time!

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