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  • Tamara Duffy

Happiness does come in small packages.

The prints have been ordered, sorted and packaged with loving care. Now it's delivery day and I'm off to make some preschool parents really happy. I must say I really have enjoyed this project. When all you see are smiling faces looking back at you when you're surrounded by print orders, you can't help but feel happy about your work and your accomplishments.

As you can see my office space has been taken over by the order forms and in each envelope is a package of prints waiting for delivery. Mind you this is only a fraction of what I've had to arrange. Multiply that desk space by 12 and you will get the idea of just how busy I've been. Perhaps it's not time behind the lens, or sitting down having one on one time with my clients. It's the time I've put into making everything as wonderful as possible so when the parents receive my prints, they will not only see their child's smiling face, but they hopefully get an idea of how much effort I have placed into each order. I love what I do!


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