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Busy as a bee on a sunny day!

Well finally! I have time to give you an update. I just finished a portrait shoot for the preschool my daughters went to. It was wonderful to be back at a place where my girls were once so small. Only to be surrounded by dozens of little wonders who look at my equipment with such big eyes and big curiosities. I also cherished the moments I got to have with all of them. Just one preschooler at a time and I. Getting to know them was quite enjoyable, and helping them feel more comfortable in front of the camera by allowing them to explore the studio space. My favorite part was watching them show me how they smile. It's cute that some kids at the tender ages of 3 and 4 still haven't found their smiling muscles yet so they give me their best "Wallace and Gromit" smile. When that happens, I usually distract them with a thought or a funny joke and then I catch them when their facial muscles are at their most natural point. As for now I'm up to my ears in order forms and print orders, so that means I'm tied to my desk until all the orders are done. Which I don't mind since I have a certain furry friend (Stella the Cat) to keep me company.

Cat laying on the keyboard
YYC Photographer

Oh and don't forget the laundry, the cooking and the cleaning and sigh as the the saying goes, "a Woman's work is never done"

Soon I hope to get back at taking in views from behind the lens once again.

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