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Baby Thomas

When it comes to my line of work (or any line of work for this matter), I have my challenges, my "grey areas" and my obstacles. Everyone does. However, the amount of love I have for what I do, surpasses all the negativity I face. This allows me to enjoy what I do and to embrace every little being that enters my studio.

Newborn Photography baby Thomas

 Little Thomas was in last month, and my intuition told me to really let go of the science and the business aspects and just relax and have fun. And I did!

     Thomas was a sweet little boy who slept like a rock. He let me pose him and play with his hands (most babies don't). He was so flexible, I couldn't even get a "Froggy" pose out of him. But I did get a "Timber" pose, that was a first for me as well. He let me smooth out the backdrops and fuss with every detail I saw. Yes, Tamara got a little carried away making sure every detail was in place. Call it OCD, I call it perfection. When it goes to print, I'm always 100% happy with what I create. Especially when the parents see their baby wrapped in love.

Baby Thomas

Thanks to his sweet characteristics, I thoroughly enjoyed his session

and little Thomas did too!

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