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In the world of Photography,

Tamara loves to contribute her time and efforts to her clients. 

Outside of what Tamara creates, she also enjoys giving back to her community.

When school returns after the summer holidays,

Tamara gets ready to work with preschoolers.

The kids love working with her 

(Although it's mostly play!).

As you will see, her work with

preschool aged children, has made her an

award winning child photographer.

Check out her preschool photo link!

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Her work isn't done...


For Tamara, she gives more than just her time.

She brings all her heart and photography skills

to another organization that brings hope

to bereaved parents when

their baby is sent to heaven.

Now I lay Me Down To Sleep

or NILMDTS provides memorial portraits

to new parents who have lost a child.

For years, Tamara has volunteered

countless hours to ensure that

those precious last moments

are photographed into a precious treasure

Find out more at the link below.

Calgary Newborn Photographer